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Know the Different Styles of Pants for the Best Look

Different Styles of Pants

Know the Different Styles of Pants for the Best Look

Pants are the universal go-to for everything from everyday wear to formal wear. You use them so often, you may feel as if you’ve got the look down pat. But how well do you really know pants? Being familiar with the different styles of pants, cuts, and designs can help you choose the right one for your body or the setting in which you’ll be wearing them. Stitch It is here to give you the basics on pleats, hems, and breaks so you can feel more confident in your pants shopping and more knowledgeable as you work with one of our tailors to get the best fit.

Are Pleats or a Flat Front Better?

The flat front right below the waistline is the most popular design for dress pants, because it is simple, smooth, and easy to care for. The style also accentuates or creates a trim figure, as it eliminates extra fabric, and gives you a more casual and tailored look.

Yet, don’t discount pleats altogether just because you see them as outdated. They can be an excellent choice for those who want to add the illusion of height. Pleating can make your legs appear longer than they really are. It can also flatter those with width in the upper body, midsection, or thighs by balancing out proportions. Even if you don’t need the lengthening or slimming benefits, pleats provide interesting detail.

Which Kind of Trouser Hem Should You Get?

Pants can either have a cuffed or plain hem. If you opt for pleats, then the cuff is necessary for keeping the pleats in place by adding weight to the bottom of your slacks. Both styles are appropriate for dressing up or dressing down at the workplace. The final choice relies on your personal preference and body type. The cuff breaks the leg line, making it better for taller wearers than for shorter ones.

Where Should the Break Be?

The length of your pants will determine where the break in the fabric will be when your pants rest on top of your shoes. The modern trend is the European look with no break. This style also allows you to show off your unique taste in socks. A quarter break is a little more professional while still being en vogue. The most common look for the office is the half-break, and the full break is the most formal.

What Do You Need To Know About Tailoring Pants?

These trouser traits do more than just affect your appearance. They also determine the approach for tailoring your pants. For example, if you find pleated pants in your size, but they only come with a cuffed hem, taking out the cuff will change the cut of the pants. Additional alterations may be necessary to preserve the style. Adding cuffs, on the other hand, doesn’t change the cut dramatically.

If you have any concerns about how tailoring will affect the way your pants will look, talk to our experts at any of our store locations. It can be possible to both get your pants to fit properly and retain their cool design for the best fashion outcome.

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