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Dressing the Part: What to Wear for a Job Interview

what to wear for a job interview

Dressing the Part: What to Wear for a Job Interview

You only have one chance to make a first impression with a potential employer. It is vital your resume looks professional, and you know how to give a firm handshake. You should also not be afraid to show off those pearly whites. However, you also want to pay careful attention to the type of clothes you wear. You need to dress to impress, and that means looking professional, sharp and on-point. Here are some good pointers for what to wear for a job interview.

Dress Conservatively

When in doubt, always choose apparel that is overly conservative. Even if you are applying for an entry-level job in a fun environment, you want to dress a level above the type of job you will have. That means men should avoid sweatpants and t-shirts while women should avoid short skirts and sleeveless tops.

Choose Professional Colors

Some people think making a stellar first impression involves standing out with your attire by wearing bright, vibrant colors. For the interview, it is best to stick with navy blue, black and taupe. It is acceptable to add a splash of color with your accessories. For example, men can wear a colorful tie while women can select fun accessories.

Wear the Right Shoes

Your footwear should be comfortable, sophisticated and stylish. It is not unheard of for hiring managers to give a tour of the facility, so do not be caught off-guard if you suddenly need to walk around. Closed-toe flats for women and dress shoes for men are optimal.

Go Easy on the Accessories

Ultimately, you do not want your outfit to be too distracting. While accessories are nice and can make for great conversation starters, you do not want to go overboard. A watch is acceptable in many situations. Men can wear a tie if they are applying for more senior positions as long as it is not too loud. Women should stick with a simple bracket or necklace.

Select the Right Fabrics

You want to wear fabrics that are not going to wrinkle before you even walk through the front door. Remember, you will need to drive to the building and walk from your car to the office, so you do not want to wear clothing that will bunch up or show stains. It is ideal to wear clothing that comes with a close weave.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

While you want to look professional, you do not want to sweat through your clothing. You never know if the office is going to be climate-controlled or not. If it is hot out, then avoid wearing a coat. In the event it is cold out, then you want to avoid shivering constantly through the interview. Dress in layers in those instances.

Wearing the proper attire shows you are serious about getting this job. It is helpful to pick your interview outfit out well in advance, so you are not worrying about it an hour before you have to show up. If your interview clothes require alterations or resizing, then get in touch with us at one of our locations.


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