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Power Outfits: Why You Should Be Altering Your Clothing

Power Outfits: Why You Should Be Altering Your Clothing

Power Outfits: Why You Should Be Altering Your Clothing

If you have ever watched an awards show or seen a picture of a celebrity out in Los Angeles or New York City, you’ve probably wondered how they look amazing in literally every outfit. Sure, good genes, a lot of money and a personal trainer probably help, but the truth is that celebrities know the importance of suit alterations tailoring. A suit, dress or even a pair of jeans tailored specifically to your body will look much more powerful than something you buy and wear off the rack.

The Benefits of Tailoring Your Clothing

In truth, tailoring your clothes probably won’t make you look like an A-list celebrity, but it will make you look even more amazing than you already do. A tailored suit or dress at the office makes you look more professional so that your co-workers, employees and superiors take you more seriously. A promising first date is that much more promising when you show up dressed to impress. Even if you’re simply spending your weekend at the mall or at a ball game, tailored jeans and t-shirts make you feel more confident. Tailored clothes also typically last longer than off-the-rack outfits, which means you could save money in the long run.

Altering Your Jackets and Shirt

Tailored jackets and shirts mean the sleeves fall at just the right length, the shirt hits exactly where you’d like it to on your body and the entire garment fits better in the chest area. When having your shirts or jackets altered, consider these options.

  • Take it in at the sides for a better fit
  • Narrow, shorten or lengthen sleeves
  • Narrow shoulders or remove and replace shoulder pads
  • Shorten the body of shirts, blouses or some jackets
  • Add hooks or snaps to wrap tops or button-ups to prevent gaping
  • Shorten straps on tank tops or camisoles
  • Replace buttons to modernize older clothing.

Altering Your Skirts and Dresses

A nicely altered skirt or dress makes the difference between feeling frumpy or fabulous. There are many ways to alter a skirt or dress.

  • Shorten or lengthen it to better fit your height
  • Make it narrower at the sides and waist for a better fit
  • Make it wider at the waist if it is too snug
  • Remove pleats in skirts and dresses to create a more flattering style
  • Add hooks or snaps to prevent the skirt or dress from being too loose
  • Shorten sleeves, add sleeves or take in a low-cut dress at the shoulders

Altering Your Pants

Whether you are a man or a woman, buying pants off the rack is hit or miss. Tailoring them to perfectly fit your body ensures they are comfortable and make you look amazing. These alterations can even help them to last longer.

  • Shorten or lengthen pants to better suit your height
  • Narrow the legs if they are too wide
  • Take in or let out the waist to accommodate weight changes
  • Remove side or back pockets
  • Remove or add cuffs
  • Transform long pants into cropped ones or even shorts

You don’t need to spend a million bucks to feel like a million bucks. For the best clothing alterations, you just need a professional. Find out more about what we can do for your wardrobe. Get in touch with Stitch It today

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