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5 Reasons for Tailoring School Uniforms

tailoring school uniforms

5 Reasons for Tailoring School Uniforms

When your child needs to wear a uniform to school, you want to make sure it fits perfectly. The last thing you want is for your child to feel self-conscious because something is a little too long or short. Unfortunately, many parents end up spending a ton of money on uniforms because kids grow at a rapid pace throughout middle school, so a uniform may no longer fit after the summer break. Luckily, Stitch It offers uniform alterations, and here are 5 reasons why you should be tailoring school uniforms.

1. Hem a Skirt or Pant

If your child has not yet hit puberty, then it is recommended to purchase uniforms that are a bit too big. For the time being, you can hem the skirts and pants so that they fit for the moment. When a growth spurt hits, you can have the tailor let the hem down. At the end of the day, school uniform tailoring allows you to save money. Additionally, you will not have to worry about running out to the uniform supplier to get new uniforms when your child’s clothes seem to not fit overnight.

2. Loosen a Waistband

One consideration to make with growth spurts is that not all children grow in the same way. For example, one child may grow height-wise while remaining the same around the waist. Conversely, some children grow more around the tummy. In either situation, the waistband needs to be adjusted. Tailors can help make sure the pants last through these transitions.

3. Alter Sleeve Length

Changes in the body also impact a child’s arms and the accompanying shirts and sleeves. Sleeves that are too long can become dirty and tattered more easily because they are more likely to become caught on various objects. Sleeves that are too tight will be uncomfortable for your child to wear. A professional tailor will be able to shorten sleeves and let them back out as necessary.

4. Tailor Shirts and Dresses

Although buying shirts and dresses that are a tad too big ensures they will last longer, they also tend to make kids look a little boxy for the time being. In these cases, all a tailor needs to do is alter the sides so that they fit better. Make sure to speak with your tailor beforehand to see whether the sides can be let back out as time goes on. In most cases, the tailoring process is completely reversible.

5. Make Sports Uniforms More Comfortable

Many schools provide sports uniforms, but that means your child may be left with something that does not quite fit right. If the school allows you to do so, then you can adjust sports outfits, so they are snugger. When kids run up and down fields, the last thing they want is to hike up their shorts with waists that are a little too big.

Make sure your child is ready for the next school year by contacting professionals from Stitch It. We have the best tailors working for us, and you can learn more about the variety of services we offer by visiting us at the nearest location to you.

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